The Simplified Framework for Messaging Architecture

We are constantly engaged to develop web and sales content for organizations and being the “purists” we are; we always review the messaging architecture in place to ensure message consistency. More times than not, we find a complete void in message architecture in which different groups and even people within the same group, have a different internal and external message regarding the company and its offering. This confuses internal stakeholders and even more so their prospects.

An architecture is the carefully designed structure of something. While a good builder would not think about erecting a structure without considering the architectural elements, marketers should not consider creating a messaging strategy without first defining its architecture. This requires a process of planning, designing and constructing the messages within that framework.

An effective messaging architecture provides the framework that will allow you to clearly and consistently articulate your unique value proposition, your core competency and the value your products and services deliver in a very crowded and noisy environment.

1. Can everyone in the organization convey the message?

2. Does your message and value proposition resonate across all media?

Whether you are a new entrant, an established organization or in an environment without competitors, a robust messaging architecture is the foundation for an enduring messaging strategy and provides the framework for agile refinement.

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